NHIF Customers 2018

To our esteemed customers and the public at large ,this is to inform all NHIF Card holders that they can access the following services at our facility ;
1. Maternity Services be it Normal Delivery or through cesarean section by our Resident Medical Officers.
2. In-Patient services through our Resident Medical Officers.
3. Ultra-Sound services.
4. Circumcision services.
5. Minor Surgeries ( Excision of Lipoma ,Cyst etc )
6. Major Surgeries inclusive of Total Hip replacement and Total Knee Replacement.

The following are the requirements ;
1. The card MUST be up-to date.
2. For self employed card holders they must have paid for 6 months advanced premium.
3. A request by a Doctor .
4. Filling up a pre-authorization form.
5. Waiting for approval from the NHIF Office.

For more information or inquiry call our customer care no. 0722474165/0707975908