Tawfiq hospital wants to expand the current hospital of 65 number beds to a 150 number beds with all hi tech facilities which will be able take them to the next generation. These 65 beds are distributes as follows; The IDB wing – 40 beds general wards and 7 Private rooms. Maternity has 2 beds in Labor rooms, 1 Delivery, 4 general wards and 2 Private rooms. Pediatric has 5 general ward beds, 2 Isolation rooms 2 Private rooms


  • Nurses college and research center
  • Administration block
  • Kitchen and back of house
  • Storage facilities
  • Doctors plaza
  • Services: Genset and transformer

Key design parameters

Climate and environmental sustainability Dry monsoon winds. Wet monsoon winds. Land breeze Sea breeze Sun path June Sun path December 4.1. Prevailing weather elements The Kenyan coast has a tropical climate characterized by warm ,wet and humid conditions.These conditions are further reinforced by monsoon winds, which blow to the north east between the months of October and March. And to the South east between April and September. There is evidence of tropical cyclones occurring in the region especially in the south western coast in the months of September and April. Temperatures in this region is moderate at a mean minimum and maximum of between 22 degrees and 33 degrees .The highest temperatures are experienced in the month of March. The mean annual rainfall ranges from 508mm to 1,016 mm .In this region of Malindi the rainfall is bimodal in nature with long rains falling between the months of march and may and short rains falling in October and December. Relative humidity is high all year round reaching its peak in the months of April and July. In Malindi ,diurnal ranges in humidity is evident in the moisture content of the air rises from 60-70% in the afternoon to 90 – 94 % in the night to early morning.


Outpatient departmentMCH, OPD, CCC, Specialist clinics, Eye, Renal, Ear, nose and throat,Dentist, Laboratories
and Pharmacy
Diagnostic centersXRAY, Mammogram, CT Scan, MRI and LAB – Research
Inpatient services blockMale wards 19, Female wards 21, Isolation 1, Private 16 and Semi private 18
Theatres and laboratories blockSurgical theatres 2, Recovery rooms 3, Minor theatre 1 and Blood donation room 1
Accident and emergency blockHigh dependency units 2, Isolation wards 5, Recovery wards 3 and Resuscitation 1
Maternity blockDelivery 5, Labor 3, Nursery 12, General ward 5, Incubator 3, Isolation 2, Private ward 6 and
Theatre 1
Pediatrics blockIsolation 2, Surgical 2, General ward 8 and Private wards 6

Tawfiq Hospital received the Ambulance on November, 2015. It was donated to the hospital by Muslime Helfen of Germany.The ICU Ambulance has the capacity equipment and facilities to handle an ICU patient who requires to be safely transferred  to other hospitals.

During the year Tawfiq Hospital held and organized THREE free surgical
1. Once again with Caris Foundation we managed to organize a Free ENT Surgical camp during the month of October 2015 that lasted for 10 days, whereby over 36 patients were operated with very serious and severe ENT ailments.
2. Whereas in conjunction with Doctors World Wide during the month of February 2016, we managed to organise free urology surgical camp for 3 days and over 34 cases were operated.
3. In March 2015 with Dr. Anil Tibrewala, a surgeon fro India, we conducted a plastic surgery camp for 3 days wherein 25 patients benefited and a further 17 cases were operated on general surgeries by Dr. Hussein, Dr. Palkhi and Dr. Kassim.

This facility is to complement the Hospital and also be income generating for the hospital. It is proposed to have space for 8 doctors’ clinics. This will facilitate more direct admission to the Hospital and increase greater utilization of our facilities. This will cost USD 200,000 to construct. Furniture and fittings to cost USD 35,000. The total requirement for this department shall be USD 250,000.
As mentioned in our last year report we intended to improve and develop many services offered at Tawfiq Hospital. Al Hamdulillah, we managed only the few mentioned above and still with some challenges, we still remain with the following which are also targeted: –
This will include mainly internal service roads and footpaths, landscaping, drainage, underground waterproof piping for electrical wiring, street and security lights, parking and fencing the entire hospital land. This will cost USD 350,000.
This will include installing fibre optic line, internet networking, Hospital Management System, equipment and training and will cost USD 150,000.
This department is overwhelmed by the numbers of deliveries on demand and we urgently need to expand the facilities by creating extra labour and delivery rooms, an operating theatre, patients’ wards and a nursery. This shall
require purchase of two small plots of land adjoining the hospital at a cost of USD 135,000 and the construction would cost USD 550,000. The equipment, furniture and fittings will cost around USD 250,000. Total amount required for this department is USD 981,750.

DIALYSIS In Tawfiq Hospital