• To bring unity among the Muslims in Kenya
  • To propagate the teaching of Islam all over Kenya
  • To promote the education, economic, social and welfare of all Muslims in Kenya
  • To engage in publication of Muslim books, periodicals, magazines, pamphlets etc.
  • To form branches throughout the country
  • To form a women’s wing
  • Despite the few number of members, the Society had ventured many activities to promote the spirit of Islam to upgrade the living standards of Muslims within the concept of our Society. This paragon is clearly focused in the Quranic authority that narrates: How oft, by Allah’s will, hath a small force vanquished a big one? Allah is with those steadfastly persevering. Al- Hamdullilah, experience had proved to us that acquisition of religious matters and manifestation cannot be an easy going task without passing through hard obstacles, opposition, challenges, and trials and some kind torture. This not new phenomenon in the world of events. The Prophet Muhammad (P.B. U. H) experienced the highest degree of the same when tried to establish the word and the religion of Allah (S.W.T) which are enjoying it today. In organizing the Society’s affairs, many sub-committees were formed with the objectives geared at assisting in the smooth running of the Society’s deliberations.

    Some of them were on:

  • Education
  • Social and public relation
  • Finance
  • Library.

    After organizing the above named activities the number of members rose from 40 to 100 and on 16th September, 1979 the first general meeting of all the members was held and the following were elected:
    • Brother Mohammed Goso Ibrahim-Chairman
    • Brother Mbarak Abdalla Salim-Vice Chairman
    • Brother Abdalla Said Yislam-Secretary General
    • Brother Twalib Awadh Barakat -Asst.Secretary General
    • Brother Ahmed Aboud Hadi-Treasurer
    • Brother Salim Said Yislam-Organising Secretary
    • Brother Athman Mohammed Mahdaly
    • Brother Jelani Nourani Baaz
    • Brother Makka Kharti Suleiman
    • Ahmed Aboud Gandous
    • Brother Aboud Salim Bazmaleh
  • Brother Swaleh Salim Abdusheikh
  • Brother Abdillahi Bwanakai
  • Brother Abdulaziz Abdulrahman
  • The aim was to carter for the less fortune people by providing Medical health care facilities for Malindi residence at a discounted rate. Tawfiq Health care further grew in his facilities over the years to become a small hospital with operating theaters, eye clinics , Dentistry facilities , maternity wing and pediatrics wing. Tawfiq Hospital has now found itself having to upgrade its facilities in order to accommodated for the changing times and to carter for not just Malindi residence but coast Province and beyond. It is at this point that a need to prepare a Master Plan for the future of this hospital to thought through carefully and organized on how it should be implemented.