During the Surgical camp held at Tawfiq Hospital from 12 th to 15 th December, 2013 a total of 64 patients were operated , which includes ENT, General Surgeries and Gynaecological cases. There was also special clinics for Paediatrician,Oncology, Gastrology and Urologist, where over 500 patients were screened and given medications. The Camp was sponsored by Muslime Helfen of Germany and Kenya Association of Muslim medical Practitioners.
▪ The intended Eye free camp for Lamu County was not organised due to the general strike for the medical workers in Government hospitals, but instead it was organised at Tawfiq Hospital from 25 th to 26 th January, 2014. During the camp 51 patients had their cataracts removed and it was organised by Muslime Helfen of Germany .


During the year Tawfiq Hospital held and organized THREE free surgical
1. Once again with Caris Foundation we managed to organize a Free ENT Surgical camp during the month of October 2015 that lasted for 10 days, whereby over 36 patients were operated with very serious and severe ENT ailments.
2. Whereas in conjunction with Doctors World Wide during the month of February 2016, we managed to organise free urology surgical camp for 3 days and over 34 cases were operated.
3. In March 2015 with Dr. Anil Tibrewala, a surgeon fro India, we conducted a plastic surgery camp for 3 days wherein 25 patients benefited and a further 17 cases were operated on general surgeries by Dr. Hussein, Dr. Palkhi and Dr. Kassim.

During these camps, the number of patients operated and treated was less due to inadequate space due to the ongoing construction of the New Out-Patient and other departments.


As one of our core businesses is to help the neediest during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Tawfiq Muslim Youth Organization was able to distribute Iftaar Packages in 4 Counties namely; Lamu, Tana River, Kilifi and Mombasa. Al-Hamdulillah over 3,200 packages were distributed to 3,200 families in those counties at a cost USD80,000.

We also distributed Iftaar packages to sixty educational institutions within the same counties with each school receiving foodstuff worth USD220, totalling USD13,200. These programmes were mainly funded by Muslim Helfen of Germany, Mombasa Maize Millers and individual donors. May Allah SW bless them all for their kind generosity. During the entire month of Ramadhan, we managed to feed around 250 people daily at Masjid Dalal, Malindi. The organization spent USD8,500, which was funded by Direct Aid of Kuwait and Mombasa Maize Millers.


Al-Hamdulillah during the period we distributed 3,000 packages to 3,000 families covering 4 Counties i.e. Kilifi, Mombasa, Kwale and Lamu at a cost of USD 15,883 funded by Muslime Helfen of Germany. Our target is to distribute in the forthcoming Ramadhan 1437H 7,500 packages at a cost of USD37,500.00. The increase in number has been necessitated by the over-demand we encountered last year. We appeal for your kind generosity towards
these noble causes.Distribution


As a yearly routine distribution of Qurbani, we managed to slaughter 100 cows and 100 goats in Lamu, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale Counties. Over 33,000 people benefited from this program which was sponsored by Muslime
Helfen of Germany and World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) at a total cost of USD 34,322.


For the first time, Tawfiq Muslim Youth has distributed Aqiqa meat of 31 goats to 200 families on behalf of various donors through Muslime Helfen of Germany worth €1,819.