Through cooperation with Malindi Youth Projects, we  sponsored a day youth training camp under the theme “Living
Faith Conference” which was attended by 400 students from different
secondary schools at Nidhamia Hall on 8th February 2020.

Reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health and combating HIV /AIDS, Malaria and other diseases are the fourth, fifth and sixth priorities in the list of the millennium development goals. With the unquenchable need to access quality and affordable health care, This new facility is envisioned to provide the much needed service in Malindi and Kilifi county in general. The expansion and renovation of tawfique hospital is a big step towards the provision of these services to the poor who have little or no access to quality and affordable health care. Quality health care is good, but without the prerequisite research and training it becomes a short term remedy. Against this back drop, it is envisioned that training and research facilities are necessary to sustain this momentum. Therefore it is our prayer and desire that the above master plan will be implemented inorder to achieve the objectivesof the Tawfiq Muslim youth Organization. As the technical team our sole objective and recommendations are that realistic targets and bench marks will be set towards the realization of this master plan for posterity.

Each year Iftaar  and Zakat ul-fitr packages are distributed to Lamu, Kilifi, Tana River, Kwale and Mombasa Counties. We also distribute Iftaar packages to 110 learning institutions in the coast region, such as Universities, Colleges, Madrasas, Secondary and Primary schools. During the holy month of Ramadhan, we organized Iftaar for approximately 500 Muslim who were congregated at Masjid Dalal and Masjid Sheikh Nassor to break their fast every day for the whole month. During Iddul Adh-ha we slaughter goats, sheep and cows to distribute it to less privileged families.

Our organization supported a youth training camp organized by Malindi Youth Projects on 16th February 2019 in order to support our youths in order to become productive in the community.

Al Hamdulillah our Organization spends money on bursaries, medical assistance and other social support activities to needy students.