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The brief
Tawfiq hospital wants to expand the current bed capacity of 65 to a 150 beds with all hi tech facilities which will be able take them to the next generation. These 65 beds are distributes as follows;

-The IDB wing – 40 beds general wards and 8 Private rooms.

-Maternity has 2 beds in Labor rooms, 1 Delivery, 10 general wards and 2 Private rooms.



-Administration block

-Kitchen and back of house

-Storage facilities

-Doctors plaza

-Medical training college.

-Services: Genset and transformerroom


Key design parameters :

Climate and environmental sustainability Dry monsoon winds. Wet monsoon winds. Land breeze Sea breeze Sun path June Sun path December 4.1. Prevailing weather elements The Kenyan coast has a tropical climate characterized by warm ,wet and humid conditions.These conditions are further reinforced by monsoon winds, which blow to the north east between the months of October and March. And to the South east between April and September. There is evidence of tropical cyclones occurring in the region especially in the south western coast in the months of September and April. Temperatures in this region is moderate at a mean minimum and maximum of between 22 degrees and 33 degrees .The highest temperatures are experienced in the month of March. The mean annual rainfall ranges from 508mm to 1,016 mm .In this region of Malindi the rainfall is bimodal in nature with long rains falling between the months of march and may and short rains falling in October and December. Relative humidity is high all year round reaching its peak in the months of April and July. In Malindi ,diurnal ranges in humidity is evident in the moisture content of the air rises from 60-70% in the afternoon to 90 – 94 % in the night to early morning.


 1.Outpatient department




-Specialist clinics



-Ear nose and throat




2. Diagnostic centers



-CT Scan


-LAB – Research

3. Inpatient services block: 76

-Male wards 19

-Female wards 21

-Isolation 1

-Private 16

-Semi private 18

4. Theatres and laboratories block: 7

-Surgical theatres 2

-Recovery rooms 3

-Minor theatre 1

-Blood donation room 1

5.Accident and emergency block: 11

-High dependency units 2

-Isolation wards 5

-Recovery wards 3

-Resuscitation 1

6. Maternity block: 38

-Delivery 5

-Labor 3

-Nursery 12

-General ward 5

-Incubator 3

-Isolation 2

-Private ward 6

-Theatre 1

7. Pediatrics block: 18

-Isolation 2

-Surgical 2

-General ward 8

-Private wards 6